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---30 hugs---

30 themes full of glompage love.

30 hugs!
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w e l c o m e.

Welcome to 30_hugs! This is your mod, insaneladybug speaking! I have accepted the reins from inamoto, and I intend to get this comm active again!

This community was inspired by 30_kisses and all other commmunities with 30 themes. Like the other communities, this one is a friendly and low-pressured community in which fanartists and fanfiction writers can develop and plug their works.

The main idea of this comm is the same as well. Get a romantic or platonic relationship you wish to work on [in this post], and submit your works based on the 30 themes provided. Two different people may have the same claim, but no more than that. Once you have completed the 30 themes, your claim will be available for others again. As the name suggests, you must include a hug in all your works, be it metaphorical, or a true blue anime glomp. Only fictional characters [including original characters and crossovers] are allowed! Once you've finished your 30 themes, you get a banner. :) Anyone who would like to help with the banner-making can respond to this post.

No flaming of chosen claims will be tolerated! I repeat, this is a friendly community. ^__^ Once your claim makes it to the list, please start writing!

Our themes, from the mind of inamoto!

t h e t h e m e s.

[; - alternative or explanation.]

1) hazel eyes

2) rainbows and butterflies

3) snap snap!; photograph

4) teddy bear

5) collide

6) oxygen

7) tangled up

8) fairytales

9) footprints

10) just a memory

11) ice

12) run away

13) euthanasia

14) somei yoshino; a type of sakura

15) fait des beaux reves; sweet dreams

16) think of me and I'll be there

17) orange; color

18) the wrong words

19) aurora borealis; northern lights

20) broken dreams

21) sois un ange; be an angel

22) 一期一会; ichi-go ichi-e

23) candlelight

24) love and hate

25) the curtain falls

26) "I never say the truth."

27) splash

28) dust

29) silhouette

30) hug!

r u l e s.

1) You don't have to follow the order of the themes. Let the plotbunnies hop in and rule your works! ^__^

2) Please try to submit your works within three months. However, I'm pretty lax on this rule, since I myself am not always able to follow it. XD; But if you don't complete anything in three months or so, I'll be checking in to see if you're still interested.

3) Each participant may have up to TWO claims, but preferably ONE. If you're writing romance, threesomes are not allowed because it just isn't fair. Collaborations are allowed, but please keep it down to two people. Between the two of you, you can decide to do a separate set of 30 themes each or share the 30 themes.

4) To request a claim, please respond to this post with the subject line of "Requesting Hug". The FULL names [if applicable] of the characters must be included along with the fandom they belong to, and whether you're claiming them as a romantic couple or in a platonic way. For original characters, please state somewhere in the comment that it is original. For crossovers, please state both the fandoms your characters belong to. Please check the list of claimed relationships before you request yours to prevent confusion.

5) When you decide that doing 30 themes for your claim is just too much work and time, OR if you're done with the 30 themes, please respond to this post and indicate your claim and which fandom it comes from. ^__^

6) Feel free to interpret the themes in any way that you like. Just remember to include a hug somewhere! As mentioned earlier, it doesn't have to be a real hug; it can be a hug in a metaphoric sense as well. The way your present your entries is flexible as well. It can be a drabble of 100 words, or a chaptered fic with one theme for each chapter.

7) Please don't join the themes together into one piece of work. That takes the challenge and fun out of completing the 30 themes!

8) Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

9) Please post your work under a lj-cut or provide a link somewhere inside your post. When posting, please follow the format below:

Theme [include theme number]:
Characters and Relationship (romantic or platonic):
Disclaimer [if needed]:
Summary [not compulsory]:

Please also TAG your entry with your USERNAME and CLAIM.

10) Please state the story's rating CLEARLY in your post.

11) Any more questions? Please refer to this post.

12) Who doesn't love feedback? I know I do. Feedback is highly encouraged in this comm, but flames will not be tolerated to prevent dispute.

13) Plugging is allowed. Because this comm is cool like that. XD

For romantic claims, I will use "X" to separate the names. For platonic claims, and claims that will include both platonic and romantic entries, I will use "and" to separate the names. For this reason, please be sure to tell me the nature of your claim. :) Claims made before I became the maintainer will remain listed as they are, unless I am informed that any of them should be listed otherwise.

t h e c l a i m e d.

Alice Hamilton X Hatter - tutriceange

Angel Sanctuary
Mudou Setsuna X Mudou Sara - nightsky_angel [on hiatus]

Atelier Iris 2
Felt Blanchimont X Viese Blanchimont - invincible1863

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Aang and Prince Zuko (platonic and romantic) - aino_himitsu
Prince Zuko X Katara - phantisaeii
Prince Zuko X Princess Azula - kirasbeloved

Baten Kaitos (GCN)
Kalas X Lyude - minachi

Takao Kinomiya X Rei Kon - jou_kai_mokie

Black Cat
Train Heartnet X Minazuki Saya - ningen_demonai

Grimmjow Jeagerjaques and Ulquiorra Schiffer (romantic and platonic) - hanakoanime
Hanakari Jinta X Kurosaki Yuzu - firey_amber
Hirako Shinji X Sarugaki Hiyori - shyunpo
Hitsugaya Toushirou X Hinamori Momo - fat
Ishida Uryuu X Kurosaki Ichigo - fifths
Kuchiki Byakuya X Abarai Renji - ingenius_inc

Camp Rock
Nate X Caitlyn Geller - sanctuarys

Cardcaptor Sakura
Hiiragizawa Eriol X Kinomoto Sakura - karayuquex
Hiirigizawa Eriol X Daidouji Tomoyo - sheila_chan
Kinomoto Touya X Tsukishiro Yukito - silkis86
Li Meiling X Kinomoto Touya - kissxmyxpoison

Alonzo and Jemima (both romantic and platonic) - hanakoanime

Alphonse Elric [Full Metal Alchemist] X Shirou Kamui [X/1999] - piikyo
Tifa Lockheart [Final Fantasy VII] X Sabin Figaro [Final Fantasy VI] - savifa

CSI: Las Vegas
Nick Stokes X David Hodges - pouring_words

Death Note
Matt X Near - indigo_fics
Mello X Near - elisabell_angel

Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee (romantic and platonic) - overgreen

Takaishi Takeru X Yagami Hikari - lara_luna
Yagami Taichi X Izumi Koushirou - individual

Doctor Who
Rose Tyler X The 10th Doctor - kalihira

Dee Laytner X Randy 'Ryo' MacLean - raja815

Final Fantasy VI
Locke Cole X Terra Branford - liri42

Final Fantasy VII
Cloud Strife X Aerith Gainsborough - nephilim
Cloud Strife X Tifa Lockheart - _sweetillusion
Reno and Rufus Shinra (romantic and platonic) - nanakibh
Sephiroth and Zack Fair - insaneladybug
Vincent Valentine X Yuffie Kisaragi - stealurmateria
Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley - cskazaam

Simon Tam and River Tam - an_ardent_rain

Fruits Basket
Sohma Kagura X Sohma Kyou - ariyanaforever
Sohma Shigure X Sohma Akito - noeffinsense
Sohma Hatsuharu X Sohma Kagura - _rosehip_

Full Metal Alchemist
Edward Elric X Alphonse Elric - miiko_ashida
Jean Havoc X Mary Reilly - c_b_syndrome
Maes Hughes X Roy Mustang - 0ral_fixation
Roy Mustang X Edward Elric - able
Roy Mustang X Riza Hawkeye - chocolate_hug
Wrath X Alphonse Elric - chikotli

Full Metal Panic
Kaname Chidori X Sousuke Sagara - perserverance_n

Full Moon wo Sagashite
Kira Takuto X Yui Meroko - shinigami_meoro

Gensomaden Saiyuki
Sha Gojyo X Cho Hakkai - macavitykitsune

Mido Ban X Amano Ginji - keijijyou

Kondou Isao and Hijikata Toshiro - rasei

Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson (platonic and romantic) - spam_dramione
Will/Emma - berryquinn

Fujisaki Suguru X Nakano Hiro - hopeless_darkne
Yuki Eiri X Shindou Shuichi - limeny
Tatsuha Uesugi X Ryuichi Sakuma - lockjaw

A-lin (Original) X 2D - sasukes_lawer

Gundam Seed (Destiny)
Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala - writer83729

Gundam Wing
Heero Yuy X Duo Maxwell - natea21 and mookiegatto
Zechs Marquise X Treize Kushrenada - ddraigcoch

Harry Potter
Cedric Diggory X Cho Chang - jadeites_lady
Draco Malfoy X Cho Chang - xalways_lovex
Harry Potter X Draco Malfoy - ___madcapp_
Harry Potter X Ginny Weasley - ladysugarquill
James Potter X Lily Evans/Potter - wicherwill
Remus Lupin X Severus Snape - amidoh
Remus Lupin X Sirius Black - thurisaz83
Severus Snape X Gilderoy Lockhart - kinky_kneazle
Sirius Black X James Potter - thisissirius

Heinkel Wulf X Yumiko/Yumie Takagi - raykat
Pip X Seras - kelles
Walter X Seras -tenchi_saz

Hogan's Heroes
Louis LeBeau and Peter Newkirk - rose_of_pollux

Howl's Moving Castle
Sophie Hatter X Howl Jenkins - tenshibellaluna

Ginta and Hakaku - ginnekomiko
Higurashi Kagome X Inuyasha - evilillusions
Inuyasha X Sakimi [Original] - inuyashas_nekko
Kouga X Higurashi Kagome - qem_chibati
Sango X Miroku - keikosays
Sesshomaru X Kagura - amorra7

Junjou Romantica
Miyagi You X Takatsuki Shinobu - dog_and_wolf

Kiddy Grade
Cesario and Viola (platonic and quite possibly romantic) - takerzmuse

Kingdom Hearts II
Axel X Roxas - legolobotomy
Riku X Sora - hellobordeaux

Kodomo no Omocha
Hayama Akito X Kurata Sana - panda410

Kolchak: The Night Stalker
Carl Kolchak and Anthony Vincenzo - rose_of_pollux

Kyou Kara Maou
Greta X Beatrice - renabunny42
Wolfram von Bielefeld X Shibuya Yuuri - st4r_pl314d3s

Last Friends
Oikawa Sousuke X Aida Michiru - hyuuga_princess

Law and Order: SVU
George Huang/Elliot Stabler - alex_axle

Lord of the Rings
Peregrin Took X Diamond of Long-Cleeve - 11deathnotes

Aoyagi Seimei X Aoyagi Ritsuka - kyokutou
Minami Ritsu X Aoyagi Seimei - aesthete_ai

Magic Kaitou
Kuroba Kaito/Kaitou Kid X Nakamori Aoko - tantei_kitty

Mass Effect
Kaidan Alenko X Aralia Shepard - kalihira

Meine Liebe
Ishizuki Naoji X Erika Klause - minrathous

Akasuna Sasori X Deidara - roguewarrior869
Hatake Kakashi and Haruno Sakura (romantic and platonic) - edellin
Hidan X Tsukiko Maeda (Original) - 3675309
Haruno Sakura and Sabaku no Gaara (romantic and platonic) - diabolical_hugo
Huuga Hinata X Uzamaki Naruto - sweet_avery
Rock Lee X Sabaku no Gaara - darkjewel79
Shikamaru Nara X Ino Yamanaka - midnighstar
Uchiha Sasuke X Haruno Sakura - archangelsmei
Uchiha Sasuke X Haruno Sakura - shatteredjewels
Uchiha Sasuke X Yamanaka Ino - silverdragon618
Uzumaki Naruto X Haruno Sakura - glorified
Uzumaki Naruto X Hyuuga Hinata - wolfchildblazer
Uzumaki Naruto X Uchiha Sasuke - shutupitsnaruto

No. 6
Nezumi and Shion (romantic and platonic) - healielle

Aegrus of Whitcliffe X Vanelle Y'Naris [From The Street Mage's Tale] - miiko_ashida
Aurora [Reed] Freewill X Adam Hayakawa - kiyasama
Jack Todd and Gabriel Kite [From I'm Not Gay] (platonic and romantic) - drop_down_dead
Laith Mines X Miller Raytes - ecci_chu
Naoise X Cyrio - sumthinlikhuman
Sage Elicor X Falkner Ross [From INTU] - frostedinferno
Sarah Romita and Rachel Haddon - aoi_shishi
Song Ran and Chao Sai - darklight90
Tyr X Kaden [From Him] - ceresnomana
Vivian Alban X Kaori - phoenixfoxfire

Ouran High School Host Club
Hitachiin Hikaru X Hitachiin Kaoru - citren_acidz
Tamaki Suoh and Haruhi Fujioka (platonic and romantic) - spiffynerd/spiffy_words

Pet Shop of Horrors
Count D X Leon Orcot - hellgirldeity

Phantasy Star Zero
Kai X Hahn - sinestris

Power Rangers Time Force
Katie Walker X Trip Regis - megthelegend

Prince of Tennis
Atobe Keigo X Akutagawa Jiroh - thinkwell
Atobe Keigo X Kikumaru Eiji - thesundaywriter
Atobe Keiigo X Osakada Tomoka - whitelilies22
Akutagawa Jiroh X Marui Bunta - pessimistie [on hiatus]
Echizen Ryoma X Kikumaru Eiji - krysyuy
Echizen Ryoma X Meino Nanako - endless_views [on hiatus]
Fuji Syuusuke X Fuji Yuuta - ryo_chama
Kaidoh Kaoru X Inui Sadaharu - chiahume
Kirihara Akaya X Marui Bunta - lazy_mind
Mizuki Hajime X Fuji Yuuta - takewing
Momoshiro Takeshi X Tachibana An - kristiann and aoimidori
Ohtori Choutarou and Ryuzaki Sakuno - eien_no_kaze
Oishi Syuichirou X Kikumaru Eiji - link621 and kashewmoo
Oshitari Yuushi X Mukahi Gakuto - chibichimp
Shishido Ryou X Ohtori Choutarou - panchino
Tachibana Ann X Ryuuzaki Sakuno - dropsofgleam
Tachibana An X Tachibana Kippei - mildly_deluded
Tezuka Kunimitsu X Echizen Ryoma - cho12801

Princess Tutu
Mytho X Fakir - dieux

Read or Die
Maggie Mui X Michelle Chang - cactuar_tamer

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Anthy Himemiya X Utena Tenjô - ladytanyata

Robin Hood (BBC)
Robin of Locksley X Lady Marian - night_is_fallen

Rurouni Kenshin
Saitou Hajime X Saitou Tokio - shieldmaiden18

Sailor Moon
Hino Rei (Mars)/Oshiro Takashi (Jadeite) - isawthephoto
Tomoe Hotaru (Saturn)/Tamagawa Arisu (Juno) - isawthephoto

Saint Seiya
Scorpio Milo and Aquarius Camus - yukitarina

Greg Lestrade and Molly Hooper (romantic and platonic) - braynigelmurray

Shibata Taketora and Ochiai Takeo (platonic and eventual romance) - elefire747

Soul Eater
Soul Eater and Maka (platonic and romantic) - practiqueal
Soul Eater and Death the Kid - drop_down_dead

Spiral ~suiri no kizuna~
Eyes Rutherford X Ayumu Narumi - moerikyo
Hizumi Mizushiro X Ayumu Narumi - moerikyo
Kousuke Asazuki X Ryoko Takamachi - lockjaw

Star Trek: AOS
Mr. Spock and Leonard "Bones" McCoy - kunli

Static Shock
Virgil "Static" Hawkins X Richie "Gear" Foley - sink_or_swim

Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester (platonic and romantic) - my_sam_dean

Tales of Symphonia
Colette Brunel X Lloyd Irving - createdestroy
Colette Brunel X Presea Combatir - slashedbeat_exe
Colette Brunel X Zelos Wilder - anzu_less
Kratos Aurion X Lloyd Irving - psychobreadfish
Kratos Aurion X Yuan - fairyv
Lloyd Irving X Presea Combatr - pearl_gemstone
Martel Yggdrasil X Yuan - ck_monogatari
Mithos Yggdrasill X Genis Sage - xladyseraphx
Sheena Fujiyabashi X Zelos Wilder - jadax
Yuan X Botta - vyctori
Zelos Wilder X Lloyd Irving - kaiousei

Tales of Vesperia
Rita Mordio X Raven - writingpurple

Teen Titans
Raven X Beast Boy - tokyogirlo0o

The Avengers
Loki Laufeyson X Darcy Lewis - doctorwhale

The Chronicles of Narnia
Queen Jadis X Jessica Hilion (Original) - jess_williams

The Night World
Mary-Lynette Carter X Ash Redfern - akkas_journal

Takasu Ryuuji and Aisaka Taiga (romantic and platonic) - deecherrywolf

Transformers (movie series)
Mikaela Banes X Sam Witwicky - writer83729

Millions Knives X Meryl Strife - selenityjade

Trinity Blood
Abel Nighroad X HC III-X/Tres Iqus - corndogs
Fortuna X Radu Barvon - weaver_miethra

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Fai D. Flouright and Kurogane Sawa - sakia_chan
Kurogane Sawa X Fai D. Flourite (Yuui) - lilec_h_amdciez
Sakura X Syaoran - sakurakessho

Vampire Knight
Kuran Kaname X Kurosu Yuuki - sankaara
Zero Kiryu X Yuuki Kurosu - vknightkiss0x0

Weiss Kreuz
Aya Fujimiya X Yohji Kudou - ainbthen
Crawford X Schuldig - daegaer
Nagi Naoe X Takatori Mamoru - koijewel

Wild Arms XF
Clarissa Arwin and Felius Arwin (platonic and romantic) - septem_librae

Wolf's Rain
Tsume X Toboe - semchance

Sumeragi Hokuto X Kuzuki Kakyou - cheloya
Sumeragi Subaru X Sakurazaka Seishirou - dark_spryte

X-men: Evolution
Scott 'Cyclops' Summers X Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner - mariko_azrael

Shion Uzuki X KOS-MOS - dizzily

Azuma Kazuma X Kawachi Kyosuke - gloomy__sunday

Yami no Matsuei
Asato Tsuzuki X Hisoka Kurosaki - hopeandmisery

You're My Love Prize in Viewfinder
Liu Fei Long X Kou - _rainbowtears_

Kaiba Seto X Kaiba Mokuba - praiseofshadows
Katsuya Jounouchi X Mai Kujaku - arashiwolfpup_1
Katsuya Jounouchi X Yuugi Mutou - endless_paradox
Otogi Ryuuji X Anzu Mazaki - neasakisara
Seto Kaiba X Kisara - bioplague

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Bastion Misawa X Chazz Princeton - bastionmisawa

Yu Yu Hakusho
Kurama X Hiei Jaganshi - blossomwitch
Sensui Shinobu X Yaminade no Itsuki - kaybii_sharie

c o m p l e t e d c l a i m s.

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening
Nathaniel Howe X Moira Cousland - iceprincessd

Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Beatrice X Battler Ushiromiya - immortal_snow

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
The Dying Informant and the Snowball-gram Messenger - rose_of_pollux

a f f l i a t i o n.


To affliate, please reply to this post.

c r e d i t s.
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