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Uzumaki Naruto/Hyuuga Hinata.1 Hazel Eyes.Mourn for Those Lost

Title: Mourn For Those Lost
Fandom: Naruto
Theme: 1 Hazel Eyes
Pairing: Uzumaki Naruto/Hyuuga Hinata
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto
Summary:It hadn’t been long since he was last here, and he hated it just as much as before.

Mourn for Those Lost



Naruto jammed his hands into his pants pockets with slight disgust. It was a cold day, and his training hadn’t been going the way he wished it would. Ruffling his blond hair, he bit anxiously at his bottom lip as a feeling of bad tidings swam through him. His focus was off, and he decided to head toward Tsunade when a messenger caught up with him.

He turned to face his saddened senshi though the man’s face betrayed nothing. "Naruto.." Kakashi began, and Naruto’s heartbeat quickened in distress.

"What happen, is it Sasuke?" Naruto scrambled out, but Kakashi shook his head.

"It’s Asuma, he’s dead." Kakashi stated, his emotions hidden. "There’s to be a funeral at 3." With that he vanished in a swirl of leaves. Naruto was left standing in shock, he had just started to get to know the man, as he had the same element affinity as him.

The few times he had ran into the man, he was always kind, never judgmental toward him. Shikamaru’s sensei gone? Three o’clock came with him in a daze, as he once again stood in front of a casket. He hated this place, and all that death incorporated. It was a little under four years since he stood here to say goodbye to a grandfather figure. Asuma’s father, the third Hokage, was laid to rest here.

Soft cries had him turning, and his dull blue eyes landed on Hinata. He didn’t know how Hinata was close to Asuma, but he figured it had something to do with Kurenai. None the less, he walked over to the crying girl and enveloped her in a comforting hug. As Kurenai-san was dealing with her own problems.

Hugging Hinata closer to his chest, Naruto looked mournfully toward the casket. A thought struck him then, he knew very little of Asuma, but he did recall his joyful hazel orbs. His thoughts brought him back to the Third Hokage and he winced. The Third Hokage also had hazel eyes, in fact from what he remembered of the First Hokage, and Second Hokage from history books, so did they.

Naruto flicked a worried glance at where Tsunade stood, and where he thought he sensed Jiraiya. It seemed one of the Leaf’s sorrowful hidden legacies revolved around those with hazel eyes. They tended not to have a peaceful death, and with their numbers depleted, was Tsunade next?

He couldn’t help the squeeze that had his heart in a vise. Naruto didn’t want to lose another so close to him in such a short time. Subconsciously he hugged Hinata tighter in response, his own blue eyes filling with tears. His eyes fell on a younger boy crying and the squeeze on is heart got tighter.

If not Tsunade next, would it be Konohamaru? The Leaf had already taken his grandfather, and his uncle, would it take him next? Naruto worried for those two while absently burying his face in Hinata’s hair. His blue eyes traveled back down to the casket that held Asuma and he let out a tight breath. He would promise the man this, he would not let Konohamaru die on his watch.

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