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03 May 2013 @ 11:21 pm
"Frostbite" (Loki/Darcy, The Avengers, #04: Teddy Bear)  
Title: Frostbite
Fandom: The Avengers (Movie-verse)
Theme: #04: Teddy Bear
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson/Darcy Lewis (Romantic)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own The Avengers... sigh.
Summary: Loki has a hard time bonding with his son

A high pitched cry pierced Loki’s ears as he woke up abruptly. Darcy, still mostly asleep, stirred beside him. Loki knew that his wife had been having a hard time with their half Midgardian, half Jotün son; since Jotün children needed much more care than Midgardian children do. Tonight, Loki had decided that the honourable thing to do would be to endure the job of taking care of him.

Loki stood up tiredly, and towards the nursery that Thor had been so happy to decorate. There Fenrir, or ‘Frostbite’ as Darcy had nicknamed him, cried in his crib. He had again transformed into his blue Jotün form, as he did every time he needed to be changed, or was hungry, or he was just lonely. Loki wondered if he had done the same thing as an infant, or if it was just the unstable hybrid DNA that caused it.

With a sigh, Loki awkwardly picked up the baby from the crib. Frostbite started to sob louder, and Loki frowned. “What is it that you need, little one?” he asked the baby, even though he knew that Frostbite would not answer him. “It does not seem that you need to be changed, are you hungry?

Taking the baby in one arm, Loki made his way into the kitchen. He had seen Darcy prepare the baby formula before, but he had never done it himself. Remembering what he had seen Darcy do, he found the tin of baby formula and the bottle in the pantry.

He decided if he was going to do this properly without mistakes, he would need to read the instructions. Placing the tin on the counter, he got down to business.

1. Clean the surface on which you are preparing the formula.
Loki rolled his eyes and wiped down the counter. At least he knew how to do that.

2. Wash your hands with soapy water.
Oh, this was so simple so far.

Loki read the rest of the tin and nodded. He knew exactly what to do now. Once he had mixed the formula and the water properly, he placed it in the microwave. Waiting for it to finish, Loki looked at Frostbite in confusion. "Why is it that infants cannot speak to tell their parents what is wrong?"

Frostbite dropped his lip and threatened to cry again, so Loki stopped talking. He thanked Odin for the beep that indicated the baby's milk was ready. He took the bottle from the microwave and tested the heat of the milk on his arm like Darcy had shown him. After about thirty seconds, the formula was at an acceptable temperature for Frostbite to drink.

Sitting down at a chair with Frostbite on his lap, Loki attempted to feed the bottle to him, but he refused. "Why do you not drink?"

Frostbite was trying to grab something on the table instead of drinking. Loki looked towards where his son was indicated and saw his teddy bear. So that was what he had wanted, he was not even hungry!

Loki picked up the bear and handed it to Fenrir, who immedietly hugged it and gurgled with happiness.  The child's father sighed and took the infant upstairs to his crib. When he was all settled down for sleep again, Loki went back to bed to hopefully get some of his own sleep.

"What did Frostbite want?" asked Darcy once Loki was back in bed.
"He had left his stuffed bear downstairs. He was not hungry, as I suspected. I had even made up the baby formula."
"Aww, Loki," Darcy tiredly wrapped her arms around her husband, and the two almost drifted off to sleep when another cry startled him.

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