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25 February 2012 @ 04:00 pm
Title: Social Skills
Author ginnekomiko
Prompt: #7 Tangled Up

Relationship: Friendship
POV: Young! Ginta and Hakaku
Rating: K
Word Count:300
Summary: Ginta and Hakaku worry when two new little boys enter the pack.

Note:This is the crazy series this one will be added to.

Social Skills

Their world was fine the way it was.

It was just the four of them, three “brothers” and a baby.

But one day, Kouga came back with two young pups.

Boy pups.

“Who are these two?” Ginta asked.

“That skinny one says his name is Kamaru, and I don’t know about the bigger kid, he hasn’t said a word the whole way here,” Kouga said. “They’re from a sub-clan that just got wiped out by birds.”

Hakaku eyed the sullen, silent boys. He kept a tight grip on the baby, even as she squirmed in his grip.

Then, she kicked him in the chest.

Upon being let down, she scurried over to the other two pups. Her nose sniffed inquisitively.

“He’s getting awfully close…”

She tugged on the skinny boy’s arm.

“Play?” she asked.

Wait, was she… trying to make friends with them?

The skinny boy looked at the larger one.

Was the big one going to eat her? He’d better not be thinking about eating her!

No, they followed her.

They looked to be a t least a year or two older than her.

“Hey Ginta, do you think this will cause problems, because I think this will cause problems.”

“If it does, we’ll deal with them. He needs friends.”

“But friends could be dangerous!”

“Since when did you become a worrywart, Hakaku?”

“Shut up! You agree with me, don’t you, Kouga?”

“He needs comrades around his own age. If he doesn’t have any, people will ask more questions.”

“But they’re boys!”

“So is he, remember?”

Oh right.

“Think of it this way, Hakaku. We don’t have to be the only ones to tire him out. We can just watch.”

“Oh, you mean we can be like Kouga for once?” Hakaku laughed.

“I heard that!” Kouga barked.