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07 January 2012 @ 01:14 am
Theme 18 The Wrong Words  
Author ginnekomiko
:#18 the wrong words
Word Count: 300
Summary:Young! Hakaku takes a prank too far.


“Hey Hakaku?” Ginta asked.


“How come the elders say that the lady wolves are cursed?”

“Well I heard it was because they have magic powers!”

“Eh, really?”

“Yes, really! They can steal your heart just by looking at you funny or make you really stupid with just a laugh!”

Ginta looked at the baby he was holding.

“You wouldn’t curse us, would you?”

The baby blinked at him.

“He won’t because we’re raising him to be like us!” Hakaku said. “Warriors don’t need to rely on stupid old magic!”

“Still, I wonder what it’s like to have magic powers?” Ginta mused.

“Probably creepy. It’s rumored that’s what made Kouga’s Mama disappear.”

“Magic did that?”


“She was nice when we knew her; she didn’t seem like a witch to me.”

“Then how would you explain it?”

“Well, she went to the graveyard often, right? Maybe she angered the dead?”

“Only witches would do something like that!”

“I don’t know. The dead have been known to lay curses on the disrespectful. Remember Old Man Yamato and his crazy arm?”

“His arm was kind of crazy. Do you think it was possessed by a spirit?”


Hakaku eyed the baby.

“He shares her blood. What if he turns on us?”

“He wouldn’t do that. He’s a good boy.”

“We don’t know that!”

“Yes we do. We’re around him all the time. Are you getting nervous?”

“Who says?” Hakaku demanded.

“You’re acting strange.”


“What’s all the racket?” Kouga demanded.

“Hakaku thinks he’s been cursed.”

“By what?” Kouga asked.

“Your Mother’s blood!”

Kouga tackled Hakaku and punched him.

“My Mama was not a witch!” he snapped.  He glared at Ginta. “Give me him.”

Reluctantly, Ginta handed over the baby.

“Nice going, Hakaku.

“I didn’t mean it…”